The switch to powder coating is one of the most exciting changes about our move to our new building. With a powder coating booth big enough to accommodate our largest pieces of equipment, we’re prepared to powder coat everything that we produce.

Powder Coating a new BRF Baghouse Dust Collector section.

Why the switch to powder coating? There are so many reasons!

  • Going Green


Powder coating is much healthier for people and the environment. Because liquid paint contains solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it creates many dangerous emissions that can damage the environment and harm people’s health. Powder coating creates almost no pollution, so it’s a much greener process than solvent-based liquid paints. The EPA considers powder coating a much better option for environmental health.

Brand New Powder Coat Booth with an open sided CMAXX Dust Collector for air-intake and filter.

  • Efficiency


It is extremely efficient. Powder is attracted to and adheres to the metal, and powder that doesn’t stick can be collected and reused. Because there are no VOCs produced, a powder coating booth does not require expensive, complicated air cleaning systems to get all the chemicals out of the air. Powder coating is faster and easier than many other processes. Also, the powder coating process isn’t affected as much by temperature and humidity, meaning that it’s easier for us to get products finished and out the door no matter what the weather is like.


Close up of powder coating process on a BRF Baghouse.

  • Durability


Powder coating produces a durable, tough surface that’s resistant to scratches, chips, and rust. It is used on everything from household items to metal equipment that needs to last many years outdoors in all conditions. It will give our equipment a finish that makes it even more weather-resistant than before, and protect it from rust, scratches, and other damage. We are currently the only company in the USA powder coating a round baghouse, so if you want a collector that’s going to stand up to almost anything, ours is the one to go with.

Our largest BRF Baghouse Dust Collector being loaded into the oven to bake on the Powder Coating.

Our largest BRF Baghouse Dust Collector being loaded into the oven to bake on the Powder Coating.

  • Appearance


If you’re looking for an attractive finish, powder coating is definitely one of the best options. Because it coats evenly and doesn’t streak, run, or smear, it produces a smooth and good-looking finish. Items that are powder coated will look better and have a cleaner-looking surface than items painted with liquid paint. We want the appearance of our products to be as good as the performance, so getting a great finish is the perfect finishing touch.

Freshly Powder coated CMAXX Dust and Fume Collectors ready to be shipped out.

Freshly Powder coated CMAXX Dust and Fume Collectors ready to be shipped out.

The Standard Colors of Imperial Systems

We have made mention many times that we have recently moved into our brand new facility.  One of the major improvements that has been made is we installed one of the largest powder coat booths in the region.  With that we are very excited to be able to powder coat all of our equipment. As a bonus we are the only manufacturer in the United States that can offer a powder coated baghouse. There are 6 color options that are available as a standard and additional colors will be available upon request.  See your sales engineer for additional information on non-standard colors.  Unless otherwise specified all dust collectors are painted with CMAXX Grey.  Any of the stock colors can be used for any of our equipment.

Check out all the options below.

CMAXX Grey Powder Coat Color on a CMAXX Dust Collector

Imperial Blue Powder Coat Color on a CMAXX Dust Collector Header Tank

Safety Yellow Powder Coat Color on an Imperial Systems Abort Gate

Light Industrial Grey Powder Coat Color for a show CMAXX Dust Collector

Patriot Blue powder coat color on a CMAXX Dust Collector

Signal White powder coat color on a large CMAXX Dust Collector

Brand new large Powder coat booth featuring a CMAXX Dust Collector for powder collection


Imperial Systems Quarterly Newsletter | Issue 4

Imperial Systems Newsletter Issue 4 is the last one of the year and the best issue to date. Make sure to check out all of the articles and interview.

Click Cover To Download and Print Newsletter

Imperial Systems Dusty Jobs ISSUE 4



Imperial Systems goes to Fabtech Chicago

Good Luck With That - Smoley and Other Friends

Special Thanks to Our Veterans

Chili Cook-Off 2017

Troubleshooting with Sunflower Seeds

Interview with Steve Higbee



It’s not in my official job title. It’s not what I was hired for. Underneath my ordinary day job in aftermarket sales, I have another responsibility. I am The Editor.

If you read our blog, our brochures, our newsletter, or our published magazine articles, you’ve read my work. It doesn’t have my name on it and I don’t care. Being The Editor has given me a chance to learn  more about our products, our customers, and this industry than I ever would have learned in sales.

Just about every person who works here has a wealth of knowledge and a unique story to tell. Putting those things into written form is what I do. I tap into the incredible resources I have all around me. I ask a lot of questions. Sometimes I get blank stares, and occasionally I get a “why exactly are you asking me this” look with raised eyebrows. But in the end, someone always has an answer.

The best thing about my secret job as The Editor is the pride I feel when our company’s written material sounds professional, when our blog posts are helpful to someone, or when an industry magazine publishes an article. All of this represents the ideas and knowledge of many people; I put it in words and make it sound good.

In a way, that’s how everything works here at Imperial Systems. Everything, from the products we make to the newsletter you’re reading, is the work of a team.



CMAXX filtration system managing weld smoke

Managing weld smoke risks means dealing with very small particle size, toxic metals, and the combustibility of metal dust. Weld smoke and fumes are different from other types of dust, and a system needs to be designed to deal with it. A CMAXXTM dust and fume collection system will meet any metalworking or weld smoke control needs.




One of the risks of weld smoke is hexavalent chromium. This compound can cause skin sores and lung damage, and cancer of the lungs, kidneys, and other organs. Many metals are alloyed with chromium to make them corrosion resistant.


Most of the particles in welding fumes come from the welding wire, but some of them come from the material being welded. Some of them can cause allergic reactions and an immune response called “metal fume fever”. Lead and manganese can damage the brain. Others, like hexavalent chromium and nickel, are known carcinogens and increase your risk of cancer.


The particles that are put into the air as fumes from welding are extremely small. Most are smaller than one micron. This means they are small enough to get inside human cells and cause damage. This also means that welding fumes are lighter than air, especially when heated. A system for collecting these fumes must be designed to handle very small particles.




Welding produces metal dust and gases that may be combustible. Some metals, such as aluminum, are very explosive as a dust. Almost all metal dusts have the potential to explode. Handling welding fumes means using appropriate fire suppression and prevention measures.


Spark Arrestor - Spark Trap

Suppressing sparks to keep them from getting into the collector can help prevent explosions from welding smoke dust. Spark Arrestors are important in keeping most sparks from getting to the collector. An explosion isolation valve can prevent a fire from traveling back through the ductwork. Chemical control systems can suppress or extinguish a flame, but only certain chemicals are approved for fires involving metal dust.


Filters can also be important for fire suppression in a welding smoke system. Filters with a fire-retardant coating they will resist burning and help control a deflagration. Some collectors are designed with filters that help isolate an explosion and keep it from causing damage inside the workplace. DeltaMAXXTM filters with fire-retardant coating will prevent a fire from occurring inside a dust collector.



Figuring out what type of fume extraction system to use in your facility is an important decision for managing the risks from weld smoke. Our systems engineers will consult with you to help you determine the best way to manage your weld smoke risk.

If there are not very many welders and they don’t always work at the same place, portable collectors can be a solution. They can be useful for handling point of source capture. An ambient system is designed to move a volume of air out of a large area and through filters.


For managing weld smoke, portable collectors can be easily moved around, but they are not as powerful as a larger collector. Central collectors are the most efficient for large areas, but if they are inside they take up floor space. Locating the collector outside is usually recommended for safe explosion venting.


One of the biggest advantages with an ambient system that recirculates the air back into the facility is energy cost savings. When heated or air-conditioned air is vented outside, the energy used is lost. Many businesses find that a fume collection system can pay for itself within two years with money saved in energy costs.


CMAXXTM dust and fume collectors have proven themselves in the welding and metalworking fields. Our newest product, the SHADOWTM portable collector, gives you even more options for managing weld smoke . DeltaMAXXTM nanofiber filters are the best available material for capturing metal fumes. At Imperial Systems Inc., we are committed to helping you control your weld smoke risks.

(as seen in The Fabricator Magazine)



An explosion inside a dust collector can be a disaster if there is no explosion venting. Obviously, the first priority is to make sure that no sparks or heat sources have a chance to get inside the collector, but even the best safety precautions aren’t 100% foolproof. If a dust explosion occurs in your dust collector, how is that explosion going to get vented safely?


The method you choose for venting an explosion will be based on several factors:

  • Location of the dust collector inside or outside the building
  • Distance of the dust collector from roof or walls
  • Proximity of the dust collector or vent to other structures
  • Cost efficiency

CMAXX Dust and Fume Collector Explosion Venting test

The first and probably safest method of venting a dust explosion is to have the collector located outside the building. With appropriate explosion venting on the collector, any explosion that occurs will be vented safely.

One issue with this method is that the explosion vents must be located a safe distance away from anything that might get damaged by the energy being vented. Space around the dust collector, especially near the explosion vents, should be clear of anything that could be damaged or ignited.

Many areas have state and/or local regulations for fire safety and explosion venting. Locating the collector outside when possible is usually the easiest way to meet these standards.


What if your dust collector must be inside the building? There are various reasons for this, depending on your system setup. It’s possible that the collector needs to be centrally located or that it’s attached to a piece of equipment it needs to be close to.

If you can’t put the collector outside, you will have to divert the energy of an explosions. The most common way to do that is to vent the explosion to the outside, either through a wall or through the ceiling. The area outside needs to be safe just like it would need to be around a dust collector, free of anything that could be damaged by the explosion. A deflector shield can redirect the explosive force in a safe direction.


What happens if your dust collector is inside the building and you’re not close enough to a wall or ceiling to vent that way? This could be a very dangerous situation, with a collector inside your building and no way to get an explosion safely outside.

In this case, a flameless explosion vent may be the only safe option. While these safety devices are not cheap, they are essential for venting an explosion safely inside a facility or anywhere else that flame from the venting could be dangerous.

A flameless explosion vent is made of a tightly wound metal mesh that is designed to extinguish the flame and dissipate the heat from an explosion. It takes up less space and is less expensive than other explosion protection systems. It is ATEX certified and NFPA 68 and 61 compliant.


We recommend looking at explosion venting solutions in the following order, based on cost and safety:

  • Locating the collector outside
  • Venting the collector through a wall or ceiling
  • Installing a flameless explosion vent


We also recommend always consulting your local building codes and regulations. Some areas have very specific regulations for fire safety and environmental safety.


Imperial Systems is proud to be recognized in PNDC’s Local Industry Spotlight for bringing local jobs to Mercer county.


The Penn-Northwest Development Corporation has chosen Imperial Systems for their local industry and spotlight in Mercer County. PNDC is a non-profit organization that recognizes companies bringing or expanding business and local jobs in Mercer County.

Imperial Systems was chosen for this recognition because of our expansion, which is expected to be completed in January 2018. By renovating and making drastic improvements, we have brought new life to an aging facility that might otherwise have ended up standing empty.

PNDC works to build economic development in Mercer County, an area which has experienced increased unemployment and skilled workers moving elsewhere. Their focus is on bringing new companies to Mercer County and supporting the growth of local companies.

Since its beginning, Imperial Systems has provided skilled trades jobs in Mercer County. As we have expanded, new employees have been brought into the shop to keep up with increasing demand, and new employees have also come in the form of equipment and aftermarket sales staff. Most of these careers support families who live right here in Mercer County.

Imperial Systems is proud to be recognized in PNDC’s Local Industry Spotlight, because we pride ourselves on keeping our business here, where it belongs. By keeping our expansion in Mercer County, we continue to support the jobs and families in this area.

PNDC’s annual report notes that Imperial Systems’ expansion is expected to add 15 more jobs and to retain 50 current local jobs.

Mercer County is home for many of our employees and their families, and we’re very proud to contribute to the growth and development of this area. Imperial Systems products will always be made in the USA and will always provide full-time work for local employees.

As we become one of the new biggest names in the dust collection industry, the number of employees needed can only be expected to grow over time. We plan to continue supporting industry in Mercer County, and appreciate the recognition from PNDC for our efforts.


Our booth at FABTECH is going to be packed with great things to check out. If you’re looking for a portable dust and fume collector, this is a great chance to get a hands-on look at our SHADOW. The SHADOW is a sturdy, dependable collector with exciting customizable features.

One thing you’ll notice right away is the solid metal construction of the SHADOW. Cheap plastic vacuum systems don’t have any place in a welding or metalworking shop. The SHADOW meets OSHA standards for controlling weld fumes. Here are some of the features that make it a great choice:

– Durable powder-coated finish

– Adjustable, flexible fume arm in multiple sizes

– Portable to go wherever it’s needed

– MERV 15 DeltaMAXX filter is efficient enough to capture small fume particles

– Easy no-tool filter changes

– Uses standard 120 volt power source

– Self-cleaning system for maximum filter efficiency and no manual filter cleaning


The SHADOW has been tested in our own shop by our own welders. Their favorite feature was the efficient weld smoke removal. The flexible arm is easy to adjust, making sure the hood is positioned in the right place to capture fumes. Unlike some competitors, the SHADOW arm adjusts in multiple directions and angles, so the person using it can position it exactly where they want it.

We’re excited to be bringing the SHADOW with us to FABTECH so you can check it out in person and compare it to cheaper, low-quality competitors. Welders and metalworkers deserve better than a junk portable collector that they won’t end up using. The SHADOW is a serious tool for a business that is serious about safety and quality.


Contact one our sale representatives to see our new SHADOW Portable Fume Extraction brochure.

New Shadow Brochure Preview

Fabtech logo



Imperial Systems Quarterly Newsletter | Issue III

The Third Issue of Dusty Jobs Newsletter. Articles include an attempt at stealing a CMAXX, Charlie with learning to Field Measure and also OSHA on their regulations on combustible dust.

Dusty Jobs Newsletter Issue 3-1




Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of excitement at Imperial Systems Inc, because we’re in the process of preparing our new manufacturing facility! This move will benefit the company in many ways and offer lots of new opportunities for us to improve our product and services. We’re adding new offices, tons of manufacturing and storage space, and some exciting new processes.

Over the years, Imperial Systems Inc has outgrown its familiar Jackson Center home. While people agree they’ve got fond memories of the building and their time there, they also seem to agree that it’s time to move on to a bigger manufacturing facility.

“We’re going to have so much room to work,” one of our metalworkers says, talking about the new building. “Sometimes when we’re busy, it’s hard to fit all the projects in at once. Now everything will have lots of space for us to work on it.”

From an inventory and stocking standpoint, the guys in charge of these tasks are extremely excited about having so much new storage space for completed collectors, parts, filters, and all other inventory items that we need to stock and ship.

“We’re going to be able to keep a lot more filters in stock, and a lot more parts and equipment,” the sales manager explains. “We’ll have more items in stock for our customers, and we’ll be able to build and store completed collectors.”

President and CEO Jeremiah Wann is looking excitedly at the vast new space and all the room for expansion that it offers.

“This is the space we need for growth,” he says. “This is our future as we expand the company. We’re going to need every bit of this manufacturing space sometime soon. Demand for the CMAXX just keeps increasing, and we’re going to need to be able to keep up.”

For the guys who handle the difficult task of getting some of our larger items out of the shop or coordinating the loading and unloading of trucks, having several new shipping docks will make their jobs easier. And for the paint shop crew, the transition to a powder coating line is a huge change for the better.

“Powder coating is a much better process, better for the environment, and better for our workers’ health,” Jeremiah says. “Getting away from our old process and getting into powder coating is going to be a big improvement for everyone.”

It’s not just the fabrication and storage parts of the new facility that are an upgrade from the old one, though. New offices for engineering, accounting, and other essential functions will help them do their jobs better. New technology throughout the entire building will make everybody’s job smoother and move us toward our Two Second Lean improvement goals.

The new manufacturing facility will feature a training facility so all employees can receive regular training. It will also feature a fully equipped product testing lab for current and new products. A new dust testing lab, a feature that few dust collection manufacturers can offer, will let us pinpoint the specific features of each customer’s dust and recommend exactly the right system, fire protection and prevention, safety procedures, and filter type.

Another feature of the new manufacturing facility we’re all excited about? The huge new showroom! Visitors will be able to check out a working model of our CMAXX and other equipment in this spectacular new space, and we’ll be able to show off how great our products look along with how well they work.

“We’ve never had the space to really show off our products like this before,” Jeremiah says. “People are going to be really impressed with this new showroom space and we’re really excited to show off our products the way they should be.”

New manufacturing facility rendering


If you’ve stopped by our website, you’ve probably seen the little box pop up asking if you’d like any help. And you probably assume it’s a little website robot that’s going to be about as helpful as your ATM.

That’s not a robot monitoring that box, though. It’s one of our hard-working staff. The name is a real name attached to a real person. So if your box says you’re talking to Rebecca Wescott, this is who’s on the other end of the line:

There is a person on the other side of Live Chat to help you


Think LiveChat is just for… well, chatting? We can do a lot more than that. Here are ten things we can do for you to solve your problem with just one website visit:

  1. Upload information for you about products like spark arrestors, abort gates, airlocks, and fire suppression systems
  2. Answer your questions about how a piece of equipment works, how it’s used, or whether it might work for you
  3. Link you to a post or article that answers your question in detail (exactly how a baghouse works, health risks of plasma cutting, combustible dust management, etc)
  4. Upload an owner’s manual or other technical information for you if you’ve lost yours (or your customer has)
  5. Find out what kind of product you need and who might be the best person to help you, so you don’t get transferred around
  6. Give you a “request for quote” form to fill out so our sales engineers can contact you and know exactly how to help you
  7. Answer your questions about our filters and check our cross reference for matching part numbers
  8. Put you straight through to your own personal equipment or aftermarket team member for personal service
  9. Walk you through any problems you’re having and get you to the person who can solve them as quickly as possible
  10. Ask questions to help get you where you need to go, quickly and without hassle, or assign someone to follow up with you right away


Want to find out If it’s really Rebecca (or Zach, or Justin, or another one of our staff)? Stop by our website and say hello! That little box is an invitation for you to start getting the help you need right now… no phone call, no clicking around the website, just fast and easy assistance from a real human.