Why Competing Replacement Filters Won’t Do the Trick


If you´ve just landed on this webpage, you must have heard of Imperial’s System’s competing replacement filters.

Camfil is touted as one of the top global air filtration specialists. All metalworking/industrial companies need to find an air filtration system they can trust. But do competing replacement filters do everything and more that you need?Camfil FARR replacement filters

If you want air filters that will far outperform even the competing replacement filters, you should check out the features of Imperial Systems. We’ve been innovating in the air filtration business for over 10 years and believe that based on our research, we can deliver a filter with the longest life, greatest cost savings, and the cleanest air. That equals better business and improved health for you and your employees.

For an example of our innovations on air filter bags, ours are heat sealed. We use this model to ensure that fine
particles don´t leak out through the holes. We’ve also improved the durability by using welded seam filter bags, which protect the bag from corrosive dust. The welded bags are created with a more cost effective approach–reducing bag cost for you.

Based on the statistics, we can confidently say that our products have been met with greater satisfaction than the competitor’s. Industry standard ratings reveal the superior quality of Industrial Systems. That’s because we pay attention to the little things that make one product better than another: materials, and product development processes. Imperial Systems filters guarantee double the filter life of average industry filters, with advanced nanofiber technology and MERV 15 filtration efficiency. We’re also proud to offer systems that equal less work for you. Our operational systems have lower operational mass emissions and require less pulse cleaning than your average. So please ask yourself: is it worth it for your company to buy from anyone else?

Invest where you’ll get results. Call Imperial Systems at  724.662.2801 today for a free consultation on your air filtration needs.



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