DeltaMAXX vs Competitor Replacement Filters


The FARR Gold Series is well known in the metalworking world for its expanded capacity and high performance.  Many who have this system installed in their manufacturing plant have relied exclusively upon the competitor replacement filters to keep their shops safe and clean.  Although these filters are designed to fit into the FARR system and have performed well in many tests, did you know that they may not be your best option? In fact, ImperialFARR Gold Series Replacement Filters Systems’ DeltaMAXX cartridge filters continually offer surprising advantages to metalworking shops like yours all over North America.


Competitor replacement filters use a filter technology which ensures uniform pleat spacing and high efficiency.  However, in a series of tests, the advanced Nanofiber technology of Imperial Systems’ DeltaMAXX has consistently outperformed this other technology.  This Nanofiber increases the filtration systems’ efficiency, reduces emissions, and can even significantly lengthen the filter life in your dust collection system.


Unlike the competitor replacement filters, our DeltaMAXX filters use the industry’s smallest available fibers to provide the best filtration efficiency on sub-micron particles.  In fact, independent lab tests have shown Nanofiber technology to be 50% more efficient on .3-1.0 micron particulates than the competition’s.  Furthermore, because of its unmatched release properties, cleaning cycles can be reduced and, when cleaning is necessary, the surface loading filtration of the Nanofiber ensures easy pulse cleaning.


Best of all, DeltaMAXX replacement filters are made to fit your dust collection system.  So, you can receive the benefits of longer filter life and greater efficiency without replacing your entire system.  Additionally, when you order your new replacement filters from Imperial Systems, you receive the benefit of the industry’s greatest customer service.  With every interaction, you will experience our personal, professional service and dedication to quality and value.  
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