Case Study: Cement & Lightweight Aggregate



Imperial Systems’ Pulse Jet Baghouse Proves to be a Concrete Solution


Product: Pulse Jet Baghouse

Size: 8T-91HP

Application: Cement, Lightweight Aggregate

Customer: Premier Manufactured Stone Producer

Representative: Airsystem Sales, Inc.


A premier producer of manufactured stone had recently installed a competitor’s dust collection system to vacuum out the left over dust and rock-sized chunks of concrete from the manufactured stone molds. The dust collection system failed miserably to vacuum out the dust and rock-sized chunks of concrete due to poor design.


The manufactured stone producer contacted Imperial Systems Representative, Bob Hash of Airsystem Sales, in hopes that Hash could recommend equipment to add to their existing system to make it work.

Bob Hash started from the ground up. He tore out the existing parts of the dust collection system that did not work. Jeremiah Wann, President of Imperial Systems and Bob Hash worked closely to engineer a vacuum cleaning system that would exceed the customers’ expectations. The new design included an Imperial Systems, 8T-91HP Pulse Jet Baghouse with a caged ladder, hand rails and 4” diameter drops at 7-8000 fpm velocity.

The manufactured stone producer is extremely happy with their new system and said that the Imperial Vacuum System is a “super sucker.”

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