Case Study: Tire Recycling Center – Up to Code


Tire Recycling CenterChallenge

The existing dust collection system at the Tire Recycling Facility had caught on fire and was not functioning. It did not meet NFPA standards and was inadequate for all of the recycling equipment in the facility. The challenge was to present a dust collection system that met the recycling center’s needs, cleaned up the environment of the plant and complied with current NFPA standards.


The decision to go with Imperial Systems was not based on price. The tire recycling center chose Imperial because Imperial was able to solve their existing dust collection issues where the competitors’ could not.

Charlie Miller, Sales Engineer for Imperial Systems, worked with Imperial‘s engineers to design a fail-proof dust collection system that met all of the customers’ needs. An Imperial Systems BRF, Imperial Systems High Efficiency Cyclone, Imperial Backdraft Damper, two Imperial HD Flexible Tip Airlocks, all duct work and the installation were specified.

The IMP field crew had to overcome some unique installation situations. The installation of the internal cyclone required a vast amount of skill as the whole area was confined. The IMP field crew demonstrated the knowledge that was necessary to overcome the complexity of the installation. The installation job was accomplished within their planned scheduled maintenance, saving the customer from possibilty of lost production revenue.

The Tire Recycling Facility is very pleased with the performance of their Imperial Systems, Inc. dust collection system. The new dust collection system has vastly improved the working conditions of the recycling plant and has greatly reduced the chances of a catastrophic disaster occuring.

“Imperial was really efficient. They were very responsive to our needs and resolved any issues quickly. The installation crew was excellent. They came in and got the job done in a reasonable time frame. We will continue using Imperial’s services in the future.” – Operations Manager

 Product:  Turnkey Dust Collection System
 Equipment:  15-572-10 BRF 50,000 CFM
 ISH-120 High Efficiency Cyclone
 ALHD-16RD Heavy Duty Airlock
 ALHD-20RD Heavy Duty Airlock
 IBD42-10 Backdraft Damper
 Duct and Fittings
 Application:  Rubber Recycling
 Customer:  Tire Recycling Facility

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