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Testimonial –Imperial Systems new ServiceMAXX Preventative Maintenance Program Receives High Ratings from a Large Automotive Battery Manufacturer


“Excellent service!”


An Automotive Battery Manufacturer that has been in business for over 35 years recently contracted Imperial Systems Inc. to service and maintain their new CMAXXTM Dust and Fume Collectors.  Imperial’s ServiceMAXX Dust collection equipment and preventative maintenance program is a new, aftermarket package that is offered to all of their customers.  The initial reaction from the manufacturer speaks for itself.

“Excellent service!” says Kelly W., Senior Manager of Environmental Relations, “We hired Imperial Systems’ service division to perform a quarterly preventative maintenance inspection on our new Imperial CMAXX unit. The service team was on time, courteous, professional, and respected the policies and procedures of the plant. The team was neat, cleaned up after themselves, wore the proper PPE, and kept communication with the site contact throughout the day. They even made some spot repairs on the unit as they found them (as opposed to noting issues in the report).”

ServiceMAXX logo_grayback_072116

When asked what made the Imperial experience better than other service programs, Kelly went on to say, “Our existing dust collector systems are very old and utilize outdated technology (mechanical shaker baghouses, pulse-jet baghouses, cartridge dust collectors, etc.). They are also located outside in the elements, which makes PM and inspection tasks difficult depending on the weather. The choice to go with Imperial was driven by two factors: 1) A sister plant that purchased all new units from another company, and found the whole experience to be negative (from dealing with the company personnel, to the upkeep and performance of the units); and 2) The Imperial units were a much more cost effective (and we are hopeful that the higher cost of the Imperial filters will pay off in much fewer media changes).”


The overall experience for this manufacturer was quite positive.  “We are very happy with the relationship our plant has with our Imperial team.” Kelly goes on to say, “There hasn’t been a single question or request they haven’t been able to accommodate.  I would say that it is absolutely worth a call to Imperial.  Our purchases are not only the well-performing CMAXX machines, but also the committed staff that stands behind their products and is there for support.”




 best dust collector cartridge filter

“The fit and the finish of the filters was perfect!”

“We are a Job Shop, and fabricate Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and aluminum products.  We purchased our Farr Gold Series GS24 Dust Collector and HEPA after filters mainly to clean the air coming from our 200 Amp precision plasma.  The manufacturer’s replacement filters were expensive so we searched for other quality aftermarket filter replacements.   Imperial Systems and their DeltaMAXX cartridge filters seemed to fit the bill.  They’re located in the same state as us, and their pricing was extremely competitive. The Aftermarket sales team worked with us to make sure we were getting the filter we needed.  The fit and finish of the filters was perfect, and they fit into our dust collector just as they should.  We have only had them in operation for about 4-1/2 months, but, so far the performance seems to be on par with other filters we have used in the past.  I will buy future filters from Imperial!”

Steve E., President, Metal Fabrication Facility




“They (CMAXX dust collectors) are better than anticipated.”

HD_cmaxx system“We were under the direction from our corporate office to re-locate all dust collectors outside of the facilities.  Our old system was mostly point of use collectors.  The process of finding and purchasing new collectors took about two years, but Imperial Systems stuck with us the whole time.  They were patient, accessible and the products they offered seemed like they were the most thought out, plus, they look great.  They (CMAXX dust collectors) are better than anticipated.  Our company is already using Imperial for CMAXX dust collection installation at another plant.  Our new system is living up to all expectations.”

Doug L., Maintenance Manager – Hunter Douglas




“Imperial Systems’ DeltaMAXX dust collector filters are very durable and they are lasting much longer for us. My expectations were exceeded an you can count on us to be a returning customer”

-Welding Technology Program Instructor

“All the information about the DeltaMAXX filters was completely accurate and the quality of the filters is superior to competitors.”

“I first came in contact with Imperial Systems when one of their sales team members reached out to our company. When it was time for us to buy new filters, we gathered quotes from many different companies. As a result, we found Imperial Systems had the best quality filter at an affordable price so we went ahead and purchased our filters from them. The Imperial Systems customer service was magnificent. Our new filters were provided to us in a timely manner and there has always been a quick turnaround with any questions we needed answers to. All the information about the DeltaMAXX filters was completely accurate and the quality of the filters is superior to competitors. I would recommend the DeltaMAXX replacement filters to any company looking for industrial filters. The company is knowledgeable, the product is efficient, and the price is right.”

Jevon S – Major Woodworking Company

“DeltaMAXX filters have exceeded our expectations on what to expect regarding filter quality and pricing.”

“Imperial System’s DeltaMAXX filters have met our expectations for quality, efficient, and cost effective filters. The customer service department at Imperial System’s has been a joy to work with. They have answers to all of our questions and they have gone out of their way to make sure we got what we needed in a timely manner. I have also appreciated the fact that they have called our company multiple times to check in. Imperial System’s DeltaMAXX filters have exceeded our expectations on what to expect regarding filter quality and pricing. Next time we need filters, we will be calling.”

 Donnie B., Major Metal Fabrication industry

“Your crew was efficient and friendly.”

largeWe connected the power temporarily over the weekend and after re-installing a viewing port cover we were able to feel air flow all across the length of the slot under the saw blade as well as up under the blade cover. Previously we only felt draw right above the pick-up point and not really at all at the blade. We are optimistic!!!

I haven’t had opportunity yet to cut panels – but presuming that there is enough flow to entrain the dust and overcome the vertical element we will be in good shape. I think this is because as soon as we reinstalled the view port door, I heard some chunks go up the pipe. 99% of the dust we generate is extremely fine particles and the other 1% is small chips that blow out the back of the boards.

Your crew was efficient and friendly. Thanks for getting us into your schedule as promised.

John B. / Major Ceramic Refractory Manufacture

“Quality Product, and an awesome service department.”

“4 CMAXX-002 bin vent dust collectors from Imperial Systems was a no-brainer for myself and my company. The product is very well-constructed with heavy-gauge steel and also contains no external bolt holes. The service department has been awesome and has responded quickly to any of our concerns. One of the seals was defective and the crew from Imperial Systems was at our plant within hours to fix it. As a result of buying this product, we are able to only do monthly emission inspections instead of every time they fill our silos. I would recommend this product to any company searching for a simple bin vent or a complete dust collection system. The machine is built with quality construction and a fast response to any problems”.

Brenton L. / Major Foundry Company – purchased 4 CM-002 Bin Vent dust collectors

“I was able to customize my order to fit my needs and they installed the system for me.”

large-1Imperial Systems was everything I was looking for. I was able to customize my order to fit my needs and they installed the system for me. Customer service is great and they are easy to work with. I’m happy knowing that if we have any problems with the BRF down the road that Imperial Systems will be able to support us. Saving us time. The installation was quick and hassle free.  Time is everything, and anyone that can save us time is making a difference. I would recommend it. They are a growing company that are doing things right. The BRF is a good product and was the best in value on the market for us. Well we purchased the BRF if that says anything about effective. They were nice to work with and made sure we had everything we needed. Good company. Good product.

Jacob P. / Major Rubber Recycling Facility, purchased a BRF

Well worth the value

I’m looking for something that’s going to take care of my employees, take care of my issues with the environment and at the same time, be cost effective to the operation. When choosing Imperial, I think that we’ve been able to meet all of those standards, hands down, well worth the value.

Brian H. / Major Document Destruction Company

Imperial was really efficient.

Imperial was really efficient.  They were very responsive to our needs and resolved any issues quickly.  The installation crew was excellent.  They came in and got the job done in a reasonable time frame.  We will continue using Imperial’s services in the future.

Operations Manager / Tire Recycling Facility

I quickly found out that Imperial Systems would be the right fit for our company.

I decided to do business with Imperial Systems because I was recommended by a friend. I quickly found out that Imperial Systems would be the right fit for our company. The engineering team worked with us to design a custom dust collection system that met our company needs. The dust collection system was built, and professionally installed by the Imperial Systems field crew. What I like most about this product is the ease of use and the hassle free maintenance. The CMAXX system is built for maximum efficiency and I would recommend this company to future inquirers.

Doug S. / ASME Vessel Manufacturing

“The CMAXX bin vent dust collection system has been very reliable and was very easy to install.”

“Imperial Systems has been a great company to work with. The CMAXX bin vent dust collection system has been very reliable and was very easy to install. I first discovered Imperial Systems while reading through ‘Air Pollution Control Products’ trade journal. What I like most about the CMAXX dust collector is the accessibility to the filters makes for an easy filter change-out. I would recommend Imperial Systems to any company who is searching for a reliable dust collector. The sales team has been excellent, they are always able to answer any technical questions I have about our CMAXX dust collector and I am very happy with my product.”

Jeff L – Major Mining Company