Imperial System Filters vs. Donaldson Dust Collector Filters


Donaldson Torit is a big name in the dust collection industry, and rightfully so. They offer quality products designed with excellence. Donaldson dust collector filters are called “ultra-web” because they are manufactured with nanofiber technology. Nanofiber technology creates a very tight-knit surface level on the filters that is beneficial for your dust collection system in a number of ways.

donaldson dust collector filters4 Benefits of Nanofiber Technology:

Imperial Systems is proud to say that our filters are manufactured with the same nanofiber technology as that of Donaldson dust collector filters. This means that all the benefits that we will discuss apply to an Imperial System’s filter as much as they apply to a Donaldson dust collector filter.

  1.     High Initial Efficiency: An average filter will take some time to be working on its most efficient level because the surface level becomes more substantial as it collects dust. A filter built with nanofiber technology does not need any time to warm up because the surface level is substantial to begin with.
  2.     Easier cleaning: Because of the tight-knit surface level, the collected dust stays on that surface rather than penetrating through the filter, which saves time and energy during the cleaning process.
  3.     Longer Filter Life: Nanofiber design allows one filter to be sufficient for a longer period of time which means less money spent on replacement filters and less time spent replacing filters.
  4.     Customization: A nanofiber layer can be applied to many shapes, sizes and media necessary for a filter. Thus, you can be sure that the nanofiber filters can be used in your dust collection system in your workplace.

The advantages of Imperial filters go beyond those of Donaldson filters because Imperial includes the beneficial features of the vertical design of the cartridge filters, which yields even more efficiency. You can avoid the large price tags and impersonal service that comes with big name companies and enjoy Imperial’s professional and friendly customer service.

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