Reduce Safety Hazards With High Quality Duct Fittings


If you’re looking for premium quality custom ductwork for your metalworking business Imperial Systems is the place for you!  Imperial Systems has made a name for itself within the manufacturing business for our top of the line dust and fume collection equipment.  Before we were one of the top dust collection system manufacturers in North America we started our business by making custom sheet metal duct fittings.  The best part is that we continue to be the most experienced in the industry for custom sheet metal ductwork.

Duct Fittings4 Reasons To Replace Your Duct Fittings

  • If there is visible damage or wear to your duct system. Corrosion of ductwork or leakage.
  • If your system is outdated it may not meet the current safety guidelines. Updating your ductwork can prevent explosions in your metalworking company.
  • If you’ve just replaced your old dust collector system with a new CMAXX Dust Collection System it would be recommended to check the efficiency and performance of your current duct fittings. Faulty, outdated, or damaged ductwork can reduce the efficiency of your new dust collector system.
  • Having a low grade duct system that lacks essential parts could pose serious health risks and put your metalworking business at risk for explosions.

We offer hundreds of components for duct systems, and here are just a few of those options.  Our Fabricated Gore Elbows are commonly used in the metalworking industry, and its flexibility is capable of fitting any industry.  We can fabricate gored elbows from 16 ga. to 3/8″ plate and from galvanized, stainless, black carbon or painted.  The Fully Welded Pipe can be fabricated in 5” lengths, and has the capability to be welded to any length required.  This pipe is used in heavy duty applications, is free of burr and rough edges, and can be fabricated 16 gauge to ⅜” plate.

For more information on our custom duct fittings call Imperial Systems at today 800.918.3013.

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