Boost Your Whole Facility’s Health with Duct Installation by Imperial Systems


For more than a decade, leaders in metalworking, manufacturing, food service, and many more industries have turned to Imperial Systems for specialized care and outstanding customer service in duct installation.  We know that without sound duct work, your air quality and facility safety can easily become compromised, leading to expensive delays and renovations.  That’s why, even while expanding our business to dust collection systems and filters, Imperial Systems continues to grow as experts in custom duct and fitting jobs.

duct installationThe most advanced dust collection system is only as efficient and safe as the ductwork supporting it.  Your duct installation work must be airtight, capable of managing the fluctuating output of your facility and machinery, and customized to fit the size and setup of your space.  As a full-service designing, building, and installation contractor, Imperial Systems creates customized, industrial ductwork to facilitate the safe and efficient movement and control of air in your facility.

The Imperial Systems engineering team guarantees that all of our duct installation meets clean-air standards, as well as all necessary industrial codes and standards.  The resulting peak efficiency in your ducts results in peak efficiency for all of the operations and processes in your business. Protecting the health and safety of your air quality in turn produces improved productivity, financial stability, employee and machine performance, and compliance with safety standards and regulations.

We offer hundreds of customized duct installation components and types, including:

  • Machine-made, fabricated gore, and heavy duty flat back elbows
  • Floor sweeps
  • Angle iron rings and quick clamps
  • Lock seam and fully welded pipe

(Please see our full catalog for specs on each individual piece.)

Customized sheet metal ducts and duct installation are only the beginning of Imperial Systems’s achievements in air quality and service.  Our CMAXX dust collection systems are some of the highest rated on the market, and our proprietary IDA DeltaMAXX filters are proven to confine a deflagration and stop a flame front.

At Imperial Systems, we understand that quality, safety, and value are highest priority for system design and duct installation.  With over a decade of experience in customized sheet metal ductwork, we will address your concerns and provide your facility with a safe and efficient air quality system.  From next day shipping on most products to highly skilled installation and maintenance teams, you can trust Imperial Systems to provide the support you need.

For more information, contact Imperial Systems today at 800.918.3013.

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