DeltaMAXX Filter Bags


The DeltaMAXX Filter Bag by Imperial Systems, Inc. delivers the longest filter life, cleanest air and the greatest cost savings.

Imperial Systems, Inc. offers a complete line of DeltaMAXX filter bags for all of Imperial Systems, Inc. Baghouses

Welded Seam Replacement Filter Bags

Imperial Systems, Inc. now offers DeltaMAXX welded seam replacement filter bags. Our DeltaMAXX welded seam bags are heat sealed, reducing the risk of fine particles leaking through the needle holes. The welded seam filter bags also eliminate the possibility of damage to the filter bag from abrasive dust which can tear apart the sewing thread at the seam. Our welded seam filter bags are porduced by a more cost effective method than sewn seam filter bags, reducing the cost of the bag itself. Sewn seams are available.

Regardless of the nature of your dust collection and air pollution control application, Imperial Systems, Inc. has the answer for all of your filtration needs.

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