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DeltaMAXX Filters



DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters Advantage

  • Up to Twice the Filter Life
  • Most Advanced NanoFiber Technology – The NanoFiber surface stops submicron particles from entering and becoming embedded into the media beneath the NanoFiber
  • MERV 15 Filtration Efficiency – Best in the Industry
  • Reduced Dust Collector Operational Costs
  • Lower Operational Mass Emmisions
  • Less Pulse Cleaning – Dust is easily pulsed off of the NanoFiber media because it remains on the surface
  • Industry’s Best Surface Loading Technology – Enhances dust cake release, leading to longer filter life
  • Highest Quality Pleated Media – 99.9% Efficiency .3 to .5 Micron
  • DeltaMAXX NanoFiber Dust Collector Cartridge Filters have a very fine surface layer of synthetic fibers that blocks the particulate before it embeds deep into the media.

DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters are manufactured for all makes and models of cartridge dust collectors.


DeltaMAXX cartridge filters

Dust size versus MERV rating