Introducing the Imperial Systems Easy Airflow Conversion Calculator!


For more than a decade, leaders in metalworking, manufacturing, food service, and numerous other industries have turned to Imperial Systems for specialized care and outstanding customer service in air quality assurance. We know that one of the most difficult and confusing aspects of deciding on a dust control system for your facility is determining the appropriate size collector. That’s why we developed our new Easy Airflow Conversion Calculator.

Improper operation and maintenance of HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) systems create one of the most common sources of poor workplace indoor environmental quality (IEQ). HVAC components include all equipment that ventilates, heats, and cools the building, as well as the ductwork that moves the air and the filters that collect contaminants. Each part of these systems has a significant impact on the distribution and removal of pollutants.

By using the Easy Airflow Conversion High angle cmaxxCalculator, you can determine which dust collection system will best eliminate a variety of pollutants from your building, such as:

  • Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide
  • Process particulates
  • Machine exhaust
  • Mold and bacteria
  • Cleaning products
  • Pesticides
  • Tobacco smoke

The presence of these substances can have multiple adverse effects on your business, including a decline in employee health, safety, and productivity, increased operating costs, and reduced profits. In order to remove these pollutants effectively, your industrial dust collection system needs to be:

  • Adequately sized to handle all the necessary air for carrying smoke, fumes, and dust away from your process machinery and out of your work areas.
  • Large enough to overcome static pressure loss.
  • Small enough to avoid wasting unnecessary energy, thereby, adding unnecessary costs.

As the next step in our commitment to customer service, we developed the Easy Airflow Conversion Calculator tool to assist you in this complex process. Determining the perfect size collector is a critical decision for your business and thanks to this new tool, it has never been simpler.

At Imperial Systems, we understanding that quality, safety, and value are highest priority for system design and facility safety. With over a decade of experience in air quality service, we will address your concerns and provide your facility with a safe and efficient dust collection system. From next day shipping on most products to highly skilled installation and maintenance teams, you can trust Imperial Systems to provide the support you need.

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