The Most Efficient Fume Extraction Technology


If your business is looking for a better solution for dealing with noxious fumes, it is time to consider the CMAXX Laser and Plasma Table Fume Extraction System.  Not only will this system save time and money at the outset, but it promises maximum cleaning performance for years to come.    fume extraction technology

The fact that the CMAXX Laser and Plasma Table Fume Extraction System comes pre-wired and ready to run with just the addition of compressed is just the beginning when it comes to this fume extraction technology’s user-friendliness.  The collector can also be custom to fit your business’s location and is easy to maintain; no tools are required to access or change the filter.

Where other systems might promise ease at the cost of efficacy, the CMAXX Laser system offers maximum cleaning performance.  Where standard systems leave a 30% dead zone across their filtration, the CMAXX Laser system delivers 100% pulse distribution.  This, along with closer nozzles, creates a significant boost in cleaning power and extends the filter life up to twice as long as standard systems.  In your business, where time and money are so closely intertwined, such high efficiency systems can make a huge difference.

Why settle for less clean air at a higher cost and inconvenience when you could turn to the CMAXX Laser Plasma Table Fume Extraction System and Imperial Systems’ other advanced fume extraction technology?   As one of the top dust collection equipment manufacturing businesses in North America, they offer their expertise in not only designing custom systems, but also installing them with the same high value and efficiency.  When the quality and safety of your business are on the line, it is important to turn to the fume extraction technology source who has been trusted to provide valuable fume solutions for over a decade.

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