The Best of Grain Loading Dust Collection Systems


Grains and other organic materials pose a unique challenge when it comes to industrial dust collection and air purification systems.  With dangers that go beyond air pollution to the potential of combustion, it is imperative that you establish collection system that keeps you, your employees, and equipment safe.  For that reason, the BRF Bag-house dust collection comes highly recommended among grain loading dust collection systems.  grain loading dust collection systems

In addition to OSHA and NFPA compliance, there are other important aspects to consider when choosing between grain loading dust collection systems.  What is the lifespan of the filter bag; is it actually going to hold up under the heavy loading of grain applications?  How efficient is the system; are you actually getting cleaner air for a reasonable operational cost?  Finally, how difficult is the system to use; will you be wasting time and frustrating servicing a counterintuitive system?

As you answer these questions about a variety of grain loading dust collection systems, the BRF bag-house unit from Imperial Systems stands out for its lifespan, efficiency, and ease of use.  The DeltaMAXX filter bags designed to go with the Baghouse can last up to twice as long as the industry standard.  Additionally, the entire system is constructed with strong welds and minimal wear parts so it will continue to perform with reliability for years to come. The BRF bag-house also accommodates higher dust loads while providing a greater clean.  It’s easy, tool-free accessibility and large access platform ensure that when you do have to service the system, it is not an unnecessary hassle.  Overall, Imperial Systems’ grain loading dust collection provides one of the most efficient and reliable solutions on the market.

For more information about the BRF bag-house system or Imperial Systems’ other dust collection products, contact us today.

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