High Speed Abort Gates Offer Heavy Duty Protection


If you have a dust collection system at your manufacturing site, high speed abort gates are another important part of keeping your business and employees safe.  Located at the inlet of the collection system, abort gates can prevent a spark or flame from entering the dust collection system which could otherwise ignite a fire or explosion. Alternatively, these gates can also be used to redirect contaminated air away from the collector to a safer location.  In either case, abort gates are an important aspect of a manufacturing safety system.high speed abort gates

Although there are a variety of suppliers who claim to offer adequate high speed abort gates, only Imperial Systems can offer a heavy duty abort gate engineered by the Dust Collection Expert.  Imperial’s gate stands apart from others because of its speed and weight.  With an 800 lb blade and a honeycomb gate design that combines gravity and a spring assist, this gate closes in 500 millisecond (or half a second.)  When it comes to the safety of your workspace, every moment counts.

In addition to the standard features and heavy duty construction, Imperial Systems’ high speed abort gates also include a variety of options so that you receive exactly what your business needs.  The gate is available in a variety of sizes from 4” to 60”.  Additional optional features include:

  • Electric gate reset

  • Weather hood

  • Inlet and outlet transitions

  • Support structure

  • Ladder and service platform

No matter what options or specifications you choose for your high speed abort gates or other dust collection equipment, you can depend upon the high quality customer service of Imperial Systems.  With highly trained customer service representatives, all of your questions will be answered quickly and knowledgeably.  And if you need assistance with installation, Imperial Systems’ field crews work all over the US and Canada.

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