Industrial Ducting with the Imperial Systems Advantage


Every metalworking and/or industrial environment requires a dust collection system for the health of its workers and the integrity of its machinery and processes…but did you know that industrial ducting is an equally important factor to air quality?  Long before we at Imperial Systems made a name for ourselves with premium industrial dust collectors, the company was already an industry leader in fabricating custom sheet metal ductwork.  We know that without sound, customized duct work, your air quality and facility safety can easily become compromised, leading to costly renovations and delays.

industrial ductingAs a full-service designing, building, and installation contractor, Imperial Systems creates customized, industrial ductwork infrastructures to aid in the safe and efficient movement of air.  Air moving too slowly through the system will cause contaminants to settle, eventually clogging the ducts or filters. On the other hand, air moving too quickly wastes power, creates noise pollution, and may cause excessive abrasion in the exhaust system.

The Imperial Systems engineering team works to ensure that all of our industrial ducting meets clean-air standards and meets or exceeds all necessary industrial standards and codes.  Optimal efficiency for the ducts results in optimal efficiency for all of the processes to which they are connected. Protecting the health and safety of your air quality in turn results in improved employee and machine performance, productivity, financial stability, and compliance with safety standards and regulations.

We offer hundreds of customized industrial ducting components and types, including:

  • Machine-made, fabricated gore, and heavy duty flat back elbows
  • Lock seam and fully welded pipe
  • Floor sweeps
  • Angle iron rings and quick clamps

See our full catalog for specs on each individual piece.

Industrial ducting is just one of the many services Imperial Systems proudly offers.  We also specialize in highly efficient dust collection systems and all of their necessary components for metalworking and other industrial air quality assurance.  Whatever your facility’s needs are, you will find specialized, attentive care and outstanding customer service at Imperial Systems to get the job done.  From next day shipping on most products to highly skilled installation and maintenance teams, you can trust Imperial Systems to provide the support you need.
For more information, contact Imperial Systems today at 800.918.3013.

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