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Whether you are a major manufacturing company or a small school program just getting started, you know the importance of quality and safety.  Each employee and student deserves the best working conditions you can provide, just as much as your products deserve the highest quality materials possible.  Imperial Systems, the premier industrial cartridge filters company in North America, understands your dedication.  That’s why we strive for the greatest quality, value, and safety in everything we do.  We realize that each piece of dust collection equipment we design, manufacture, and service is an important part of your workplace’s safety system.  You take it seriously, and so do we.  industrial cartridge filters company

As an industrial cartridge filters company, we have done this through the development of the DeltaMAXX cartridge filters.  To earn the industry’s highest efficiency rating, we have used advanced nanofiber technology, providing you with the cleanest possible air.  While other filters with such efficiency might come at the cost of a short lifespan, the DeltaMAXX does not.  Lasting up to twice as long as other filters in its class, these provide the longest lasting service on the market.

Imperial Systems is more than just an industrial cartridge filters company.  Even as the DeltaMAXX wows in its field, our other products make an equally strong impression.  Whether you look at our dust collection systems, grain loading baghouses, or even the smaller components of gates and valves, a common theme will stand out among them all.  Each of these products is designed and crafted with the utmost quality, value, and safety.  Whether you need to order replacement filters for an existing system or design an entirely new solution to fit your unique space, Imperial Systems is there to provide knowledgeable, professional service, every step of the way.

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Industrial Cartridge Filters Company | Industrial Cartridge Filter Company