Blog: Imperial Systems Approach to Dust Collection


Lean Manufacturing is about simplifying and improving processes, solving problems, and reducing waste of time and materials. DeltaMAXX filters can help you achieve all these lean goals… for your dust collection system, at least. Here are some ways our filters can help get your dust collector as lean as the rest of your workplace (or leaner):

  • EFFICIENCY – with nanofiber material that is 95% efficient capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns, DeltaMAXX filters keep your air clean and control fine dust better than cheaper materials
  • LONGER-LASTING – with DeltaMAXX you can expect up to twice the filter lifespan. If you’re looking for filters for lean manufacturing, longer lifespan saves money on filter purchases and saves time on several process steps, from ordering to changeouts.
  • LESS WASTE – because nanofiber material is surface-loading instead of depth-loading, dust collects on the outside of the filter, not stuck in the material. Filters pulse cleaner and need pulsed less often, preventing waste of compressed air.
  • RELIABILITY – when you’re buying filters for lean manufacturing, it’s important to know that you will always get consistent quality so there’s no wasted time dealing with filter problems or replacing them too often.
  • TIME-SAVING SERVICE – DeltaMAXX filters come with the customer support only Imperial Systems offers. You’ll work with the same aftermarket team member every time, so they’ll know what you need and make the order process smooth and fast.
  • FIELD SUPPORT – Sometimes keeping your process lean means knowing who to call to solve a problem quickly and efficiently. Our ServiceMAXX team has the experience to troubleshoot and fix a problem fast. No wasted time trying to figure out what’s wrong, and no wasted production having your employees away from their work trying to fix it.

DeltaMAXX Dust Filter Brand

If you’re going lean, every part of your process needs to become more efficient, reduce waste, and improve quality. For these reasons, DeltaMAXX filters for lean manufacturing are one way to move toward those goals. A dust collector problem can shut down a machine or an entire process, and that’s a huge waste. Using high-quality filters helps make sure this doesn’t happen.