Blog: Imperial Systems Approach to Dust Collection


A portable fume extractor is a great solution for welding and metalworking applications that need a mobile, flexible option for fume collection. There are many portable collectors on the market, from low-end plastic models to ones made for serious industrial use.

Deciding how much to invest in a portable fume extractor depends on how well you need it to hold up to what you’re using it for. The fumes and smoke from welding or metalworking applications can be very demanding on a collector, and a cheaper model may not be able to handle the job.

Shadow portable fume extractor removing welding fumes

Metal fumes are a health hazard when inhaled, and a portable fume extractor with a fume arm can be a great solution for pulling those fumes right out of the welder’s breathing space.

However, the fume extractor has to be powerful enough to remove the fumes. It also has to have a filter that can handle particles that small without letting them get back into the shop. It needs to have a high-quality arm that is easy for the welder to move around and work with.

The Shadow is a portable fume extractor designed for industrial use. Its sturdy metal design minimizes its floor space, and heavy duty casters mean it rolls easily to wherever it’s needed. The DeltaMAXX nanofiber filter is MERV 15 to handle welding smoke and fumes, and with compressed air pulse cleaning, it will maintain its efficiency much longer.

Another area where low-budget portable fume extractors can let you down is the fume arm itself. The Shadow’s fume arm options make it easy to choose the one that will work for your application. The Shadow arm’s hood is sized to maximize fume capture while not getting in the welder’s way.

Shadow Portable fume collector arm

Joints are needed to move a fume arm around and hold it in position. When these joints are inside the arm, they collect debris and obstruct the airflow. External joint components are easier to access, and they don’t interfere with your airflow.

For our customers currently using the Shadow for welding applications, it’s doing everything they need it to do. Customers have told us that as a portable fume extractor, the Shadow is efficient, does a great job of keeping the air clean, and is easy to use. Welders appreciate the well-designed arm and hood that is easy to position. The nanofiber filter is very easy to keep clean with compressed air pulsing and it’s very easy to access for filter changes.