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Are you looking for high-quality, professional cartridge filters for your dust collector system?  Are your old filters ineffective?  Do they seem to need to be replaced at a rate that is taxing your time and budget?  If so, it is time to turn to the DeltaMAXX cartridge filters from Imperial Systems.  Using the most advanced technology, these filters leave the industry standard in the dust as they provide outstanding performance and value to manufacturing businesses across the US and Canada.professional cartridge filters

The DeltaMAXX Difference

Imperial Systems’ DeltaMAXX professional cartridge filters offer the industry’s highest quality and longest lifespan.  With the advanced technology of NanoFiber, tiny dust particles do not become embedded in the media below.  As such, the filter boasts up to twice the lifespan of the industry standard, as well as the highest efficiency in filtration.  Not only does the DeltaMAXX cartridge filter offer you financial savings through the extended lifespan, but it also reduces operational costs and emissions for your whole dust collection system.  Whether you have an established Imperial Systems’ dust collection system or a different make and model, DeltaMAXX cartridge filters are made to fit your needs.

Imperial Systems Stands Apart

In addition to providing the leading choice for professional cartridge filters, Imperial Systems offers a wide range of other dust management solutions.  From full systems to ducts or other components, you can trust in the quality and value of these products.  Each one is engineered with the goal of providing you the best possible dust and fume collection system.  And even with quality products across the board, Imperial Systems recognizes that each manufacturing business has its own particular needs, and they are prepared to work with you to find a solution that addresses your individual dust challenge.

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