Dust Facts from a Professional Dust Collector Filters Firm


What is a dust collector? A dust collector at its most basic level removes dust in an air stream. The device consists of the air collection hood, dust collector, fan/ductwork, stack, controls, and dampers.

It’s important to know what kind of dust you’re dealing with when you purchase a dust collector. A professional dust collector filters firm will help you then determine what kind of dust collector you need–cyclone, baghouse, etc, based on a variety of other information. Knowing airflow (CFM) is crucial when deciding on a dust collector filter. Without airflow, the collector is not able to be sized. The temperature, pressure, and humidity of the airflow also affects what you need in the construction of an adequate filter. Depending on the way these variables interact, you could need particular valves or controls.

professional dust collector filters firmLast, questions about the dust itself will be asked. What particulate size distribution does it have? In other words, how small or large is it? And quality of dust–is it abrasive, granular, hydroscopic, fibrous, etc.?

A professional dust collector filters firm will provide devices from a few different categories, such as carbon steel to stainless, or even high alloy steel.

A product you can trust

Imperial Systems offers the CMAXX Dust Collector System, designed with revolutionary technology and 10% more filter media than collectors of the same size. The inside of the CMAXX provides 20% more space for dust to drop into the hopper, creating greater efficiency for you!

Imperial Systems is a top professional dust collector filters firm in America. We pride ourselves on building and installing CUSTOMIZED dust collector equipment for our customers’ needs. We guarantee the strongest, and most durable materials, the best results from technological research, and outstanding professional service.

To learn more about what we offer for metalworking and any industry working with dust, please call Imperial Systems at   724.662.2801.

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