How Spark Arrestors Will Save Your Business, and Your Future!


During welding, spark production is a natural part of the process. However, creating sparks carries with it other dangers, such as wildfires and igniting explosive atmospheres. As a welder it is important to have the processes in place so that these disasters (and potential lawsuits) can be avoided. This is why spark arrestors are used: to prevent the emission of flammable materials from combustion.

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What Exactly is a Spark?

First, we need to define what a spark is. A spark is a solid particulate carrying a temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit which has been totally oxidized. The spark may tunnel through the exhaust gas stream in laminar fluidity, not cooling down because this necessitates a difference in velocity between the moving spark and the gas transporting it. Thus, the spark will travel into the solids separator, become deposited on the filter element surface, and remain flammable—creating risk for you.


What do Spark Arrestors Do?

Spark arrestors are positioned within the duct to modify the flow to become a turbulent flow. The agitation therein produced removes the oxygen and strips the air surrounding the spark, thus cooling it down below ignition temperature (600 degrees Fahrenheit).


Spark arrestors are a vital aspect of your business for the following reasons:

  •         They cool and extinguish sparks/embers derived from grinding, polishing, welding, and buffing, which might happen as a result of internal combustion engines, furnaces, etc.
  •         They prevent explosions in ducts and dust collection systems
  •         A small investment for a much higher level of safety
  •         Based on proven patented and established technology

Imperial Systems specializes in the latest spark arrestor technology, assisting your business’s safety and well-being. For information or to purchase a spark arrestor, please contact us at 800-918-3013.

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