Safety and Value in DeltaMAXX™ Top Dust Collector Replacement Cartridge Filters


Safety and value are the two biggest features business leaders want in a top dust collector replacement cartridge filter for their facilities.  Thankfully, the two are not mutually exclusive.  DeltaMAXX™ cartridges’ innovative design by Imperial Systems provides both the safety you need and the cost efficiency you want, all in one great filter.

Nanofiber Technology

Top Dust Collector Replacement CartridgeDeltaMAXX™ cartridge filters are uniquely designed to handle all the challenges presented by industrial dust collection systems. Their Nanofiber technology can be applied to any shape or size filter and allows for a single filter to be sufficient for long periods of time, minimizing your need for replacements.  Due to the tight-knit surface level, dust comes off easily during the cleaning process, preserving filter life and further reducing costs.

Surface Loading Performance

If a system’s surface loading performance is lacking in efficiency, the system will have to pulse more frequently in order to return and maintain its optimum static pressure. Surface loading efficiency can affect energy usage and costs, emissions, and filter life.  DeltaMAXX™ nanofiber cartridge filters come equipped with surface loading performance technology that easily pulses off caked dust, keeping the filter media clean and operating costs lower.

DeltaMAXX™ Top Dust Collector Replacement Cartridge Filters

Here are some further comparative benefits of our cartridge filters:

  • The Nanofiber technology is 50% smaller than competitive fibers, thereby better blocking submicron particles from entering and embedding in the filter media.
  • Dust is more easily pulsed off of the filter surface, requiring less frequent pulse cleaning and a longer filter life.
  • Our filters have an impressive filtration efficiency with a MERV 15 rating!

With all of these cost-saving measures also come safety benefits including, but not limited to OSHA and NFPA compliance, improved air quality in your facility, enhanced worker safety, and reduced combustible hazards. Improved facility safety, lower operational costs, and better energy efficiency are all integral to your healthy, profitable industrial business.

From top dust collector replacement cartridge filters to dust and fume extraction systems, Imperial Systems is your reliable source for metalworking and other industrial dust collection concerns.

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